Our Mission & Objectives for Africa

Our Mission

Prime Care International, Inc. envisions the continent of Africa as a safe & peaceful place where every child can grow healthy to become a fruitful child of God.  

 We promote family health in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin (West Africa), and other countries in Africa. 

Prime Care International’s mission and vision goes way beyond helping immigrants and refugees in the United States. We also care for them to be safe, healthy, and stable in their own home country. There is no place in this world that needs more help than Africa. Many factors are contributing to the death and immigration of these people. Diseases like HIV/ AIDS, cancer, diabetes, STDs, etc are killing them slowly. Also other factors such as hunger, poverty, lack of knowledge and political corruption is helping this chaos to expand. But we can help! Our mission is to contribute to the development of Africa and to spread the word about it!

Our Objectives

  • To educate the community about HIV/AIDS prevention
  • To provide supplemental milk to prevent the Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV through breastfeeding
  • To train church and community leaders to provide HIV/AIDS prevention education and spiritual support.
  • To provide material and financial resources to grassroots & faith-based organizations working in HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa.

Fight Against Poverty

  •  Construction of wells
  •  Support to orphanages
  •  To provide material and financial resources to grassroots & faith-based organizations
  •  To support empowerment programs for girls, women and boys (hair braiding, sewing, mechanic, carpentry, computer literacy, sustainable agriculture, etc.)
  •  Advocacy for construction of schools & health centers in remote villages
  •  Scholarship for at-risk children to attend school

HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs

  • HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention education in schools,
  •  Support for HIV/AIDS care
  •  Support hospices for people infected with HIV
  •  Scholarships to help HIV/AIDS infected or affected children
  •  Advocacy for healthcare services

What We Need

  • Your prayer
  • Money to support HIV/AIDS programs
  • Money to build schools and wells in remote villages
  • Hospital equipment
  • Antibiotics/HIV/AIDS medication, Tylenol, Advil, etc.
  • Vans to reach remote villages
  • Foods/clothes/school supplies/computers, etc.
  • Skilled volunteers (medical, teachers, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Partners, to make regular donations

Ways To Help

  • Become a partner with PCI and make regular donations to support services
  • Enroll friends and relatives as donors
  • Enroll your church as a partner for Adopt-A-Church Program
  • Missionary opportunities
  • Internship opportunity
  • Volunteer your time to go to Africa to help

Prison ministry

We go to jails and bring the Word of God to prisoners. Most of them, in most cases give their life to Christ and we advocate for them to be released. After their release, these individuals get baptize and get train in the ministry and they become faithful servants of God. ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'

Adopt-A-Church Program

  • To connect churches in the USA with churches in Africa for the glory of our Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth
  • To promote missionary work in Africa.
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